Montaggi meccanici conto terzi Bologna




A story built in Bologna

At TECNOMEC and MHT – divisions of DICO GROUP – we offer our customers over 30 years of experience. With over 100,000 hours of active mechanical assembly performed very year on complex automatic machines, prototypes and assemblies.

The Bologna area’s packaging industry represents the very highest production quality, recognised worldwide as a leader in the field of packaging machinery. The proximity to the large automated machinery industries in and around Bologna has seen the growth of a mechanical engineering segment and its subcontract suppliers which has no equal at an international level.

At DICO GROUP, this geographical proximity allowed us to support our customers, initially in an artisan fashion. We have since developed into a genuine contract manufacturing partner with an industrial scope.

DICO GROUP’s operating divisions dedicated to mechanical assembly, TECNOMEC and MHT, were initially created as departments before expanding to the point where they occupied large areas of our plant in Ozzano dell’Emilia. We are based near Bologna, right in the heart of Italy’s world-famous “Packaging Valley”.

Enormous experience in mechanical assembly – Bologna

Thanks to our team of over 40 technicians, we are able to perform contract installation and assembly of industrial machines and systems of various types: from prototypes to mechanical assemblies, right up to complete lines of highly complex automatic machines.

As mechanical assembly experts, we start off by analysing the mechanical drawings provided by the customer. We are able to read all details and information required for assembly of the machine. The assembly process then follows for assembly of all parts making up the system, such as bearings, gears and cams.

The heart of the mechanical assembly process, our favourite part, is the definition of the cycle and, when the customer does not provide a process flow chart, we develop it directly in partnership with the customer’s technical department.

Accuracy and precision are the keywords for this stage: for we assembly experts, the design must, as well as working perfectly, meet and even exceed the expectations of the customer.

For this reason, throughout our 30 years of experience, we have acquired all the skills necessary to perform assembly and regulation in such a way as to guarantee the highest levels of performance for the automatic machine.

From the screws to functional testing for complete mechanical assembly processes

When required, assembly can be followed by testing, for example:

  • Functional tests on assemblies,
  • Alignment checks,
  • Gear meshing.

Final testing of the automatic machine is also included. This can be a dry run or testing with the product in order to check the actual operation of the entire system.
For us, the project is not complete until the product is perfect. Normally, the customer always has the last say, accepting the finished machine or assembly at the conclusion of the project.

For this reason, comments and revisions from the customer’s technical office combine with our expertise. At the end of all the procedures, we are able to supply a product which can be shipped directly to the end user.

Our problem-solving abilities, combined with the proactive approach of our team and our extensive experience developed over the years are what most set us apart. A set of characteristics which allow us to offer ourselves as a reliable partner throughout the assembly phase right up to the final delivery.

It is our mission to always find the best way to solve our customers’ problems: performing mechanical assembly and machining on assemblies and machines which stand out for their performance and long-term reliability.