Mechanical assembly of mechanical assemblies and machines


Management of complex mechanical projects for various industries


Experts in assembly with over 30 years of experience 



Even the biggest jobs are made up of small parts. Outsourced mechanical assembly is our speciality at TECNOMEC and MHT. For over 30 years, we have been working for the biggest manufacturers of packaging machines and for all product sectors.
We assemble complex automatic machines with up to 10,000 components. Few companies are able to handle such complex assembly projects with our capacity and experience. We are particularly proud that our customers view us as an essential partner who can efficiently solve their problems.

Our technicians have excellent expertise in the analysis of all assembly aids such as BOMs, exploded-view drawings, paper or 3D designs.

Outsourced mechanical assembly and its added value

Is the finished product greater than the sum of its parts?

Mechanical assembly is the process of assembly through which we obtain a finished product (assembly) made up of its individual mechanical parts (components). Through many years of experience, our mechanical assembly technicians at MHT are able to provide customers with valuable suggestions for engineering of mechanical assemblies and for ensuring the assembly process is as simple and efficient as possible.

So, why choose contract mechanical assembly?

The answer is simple: at TECNOMEC and MHT, we do not limit ourselves to the assembly of individual mechanical components: we are able to communicate with our customers and offer the best solutions from the point of view of costs and productivity. This is why at TECNOMEC and MHT, the finished product is much more than the sum of its parts.

But there is another reason, and it is a significant one: assembly can represent up to 40% of the cost of the finished industrial product, and this highlights the importance of mechanical engineering companies in the finished product.

Many companies have thus decided to streamline their internal production by subcontracting assembly to third-party providers who are experts in contract manufacturing and assembly.

Space for each assembly line

At MHT we have extensive space to house the assembly area and an expert team selected for each project on the basis of the work required.

Our entire production area is organised with division of the zones for the assembly of the mechanical assemblies from the zones where the complete machines are assembled.
Each zone is served by bridge cranes or jib cranes, and it is possible to access multimedia workstations to view the drawings and designs in 3D.
The different zones are also managed differently depending on whether the assembly process is for a single component or series production, and whether a dedicated space must be reserved.

At TECNOMEC and MHT we are specialised in outsourced mechanical assembly, and we help our customers to optimise their production processes with cutting-edge outsourcing solutions. Contact us for an assessment of your new mechanical engineering project.

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